Principal Accountant & Finance Specialist

Founding member Stanley (Stan) Soman started LUMAS Consultancy by staying true to his original mission: to provide an unprecedented level of professional service to clients; to treat employees like family; and to give back to the community in which we live and work. These tenets are engrained into the philosophy and culture at LUMAS Consultancy making it a well-respected firm.

While LUMAS Consultancy is rooted in tradition, Managing Director Stanley Soman has left his own unique imprint by expanding the firm’s commitment to family-owned businesses. Additionally, LUMAS Consultancy has extensive experience in providing professional services in the areas of private, governmental, profit, and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes.

With more than 23 years of accounting experience, Stanley’s progressive leadership is the catalyst for the firm’s unparalleled professionalism, practical, and direct approach when dealing with clients. Stanley’s experience includes CFO and Management positions in large conglomerates, groups and international organizations. A sample of industry specialties include:

Oil & Energy, Professional Services, Real Estate Contractors, Retail/Wholesale, Health Services, Transport Logistics, Financial Institution, State and Government, Manufacturing, Family-Owned Business, Non-Profit etc.

Stanley graduated from ACCA (UK) with a Professional Qualification in Accountancy. He also received a CA from ICATT (T&T).

One thing is certain at LUMAS Consultancy - as we continue to grow, our unyielding commitment to integrity will remain solid. Under the direction of Managing Director Stanley Soman, our firm will continue to offer a unique combination of small-business professional service and large-business capabilities. Our size, culture, and expertise allow us to respond to any of our clients’ needs quickly and quietly. We are driven every day by the commitment to know our clients, to listen and anticipate their needs, and to render smart, thoughtful business advice.

Head Trade Facilitator Consultant & Managing Partner

Daren has brought to LUMA'S , a tremendous wealth of experience and knowledge, having worked in various arms of the Banking sector for over 6 years; the Telecommunications Service Industry another 8 years ; Finance and Insurance for 6 years; and the last 7 years in Trade and Commodities.

He currently holds the position of Managing Partner, with specific functionality as Head Trade Facilitator Consultant , in charge of global commodities , including but not limited to, Petrochemical Fuels (D2,D6,JP54, Crude Oil) ; Agricultural Products (Soyabean,Corn,Wheat,Sunflower Seed oil,Peanuts Kernels,Wines,Coffee) ; Precious Metals (Diamonds Rough Uncut & Cut Polished, Au Gold Bullion).

As many may know , Commodities are simply natural resources that have a global market, most of which are categorized as agriculture,energy, or precious metals. The main characteristic of commodities is that they are needed by modern societies and they greatly fluctuate in price. The commodity markets help to maintain price stability through forward and futures contracts by allowing suppliers to lock in the price of their commodity before they can deliver to their consumers, which also fixes the future price for consumers.

Most commodities have a limited geographic distribution. only certain nations, regions, or companies have economic access to these specific resources, but virtually every region needs these resources. Hence , a large global market has developed to enable the distribution of commodities from their most economical sources to where it is needed.

As well as building long lasting and mutually beneficial Business Relationships, that makes the world of Commodities Trade a seamless process with a high degree of excellence and professionalism every step of the way.

His expertise, experience and in depth knowledge , all harnessed together with his humility and passion , makes him the, tremendous unique human asset he is today.

Why us?

We take pride in providing our clients with the best professional services available and giving them clear and simple answers to any of their financial questions. Our goal is to assist our clients in all aspects of their financial lives. To maintain our goal of excellence, we work closely with every client to help effectively manage their business and/or personal finance.

In addition to our commitment to providing high-quality financial expertise, we are proud of our social commitment. LUMAS FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED sees itself as a member of the community it operates in, and invests back into community-related services with the goal of better tomorrows. We support the initiative for sustainable development. To learn more about what actions we are taking, check our recent news on the home page.